Building a doll paradise, part 1


You have probably already seen my sewing/crafting/studio space, but I never did show you what’s hiding in the closet! It’s still a work in progress, but it’s already a fun and delightful little room. I don’t need an imaginary “happy place”…I have a … Continue reading

Introducing TinyTES Electro-Bots!


These are a mischievous and highly intelligent bunch. If you choose to adopt any of these, please be careful, as they have been known to do “helpful” things like upgrading your toaster into a rocket launcher…you have been warned!

What kind of bots are these?


I started out with a steampunk sort of theme in my head, and I thought I had saved a bunch of old tiny watch parts I was planning to use for this series. Did I find them while sorting out … Continue reading

Where did you get that chair?


That, and other questions from my last post! I have gotten lots of questions about some items in my studio room, so I thought I’d share a few things. I will be doing another post with lots of details from the studio, so keep … Continue reading

Step inside the new studio!


It’s been a long and busy hiatus, but guess who’s back?! (Hint: It’s the person typing this…) TES! Oh, you guessed that? Well you are just darn clever aren’t you! 😀

Merry Christmas!


This year is soon coming to a close, and did it ever go by quickly! Not too many doll batches were made lately, but I did make some very special custom orders. I can’t wait to show you the big … Continue reading

Bit of a hiatus, sort of…

This year has brought a lot of changes, along with lots of traveling! So, while I’m not on a break from making things, it is definitely more sporadic than usual, as I fit it into chunks of time here and … Continue reading

Check out my new social stream!

Everyone looks at things a little differently. The way you look at me is no exception. Some of you interact with me on facebook all the time, some occasionally. Some prefer Flickr, or twitter, or even Google+. Some get my … Continue reading