Building a doll paradise, part 2

At last! I have finally made some progress in the doll closet! You may wonder what took me so long. Allow me to explain my procrastination. (With lots of pictures!)

If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, check out part 1 here.  🙂

You can see pretty clearly in this picture, how the flaps of the boxes are folded over to the inside, and pushed flat against the sides (and top, and bottom). I did all of them like this.


As I contemplated each room’s decor, I realized this was not going to work out. The floors were not flat, the walls would not be smooth, and even if I taped them all down, that little lip was causing the back of the box to be even more shadowy than it would be anyway. I didn’t want to cut the flaps off, as it really helps strengthen it, having the double layers. I knew I would have to take the whole thing apart, flip the flaps to the outside, tape them down, and put the whole thing back together again. That meant taking all the dolls out too. Furniture, accessories, everything. I don’t have a lot of extra space to PUT all of it, never mind where to put all of the boxes. Bleh. So I put it off…and put it off some more. Some of my dollies were getting impatient…


What is taking so long? It’s dark and random and boring in here!

Then one day, someone said they’d love to see a pic of all my BJDs together. It had been a while since I had done a group shot, so I was happy to oblige! I gathered them all into my new photo area, where they just managed to fit, and took some photos. Here is my crew at that point, it has changed a little quite recently, so will have to do a new one pretty soon!

All my BJDs

Since all the dolls were out of their rooms, I thought it a fine time to finally get the boxes all set up properly! Yay! I was pretty much trapped inside the closet for the duration of this project, as I had nowhere to stack the boxes other than two deep in the closet doorway! First I had to reattach all the little metal tabs on the binder clips, so I could take all the clips off. I dismantled the wall-o-boxes and stacked them all around me. Using one as a table, I performed the flip-flaps maneuver, making sure everything was securely taped, put all the boxes back, and clipped them in place. Luckily I remembered to bring the tape in with me.


So many little clippy tabs!!

Then I could put furniture and dolls back. I ended up rearranging a bit, as far as who lives where in the closet…several times. The ball jointed kids didn’t quite have enough room to groove, plus I needed space for all their clothes, shoes, wigs, etc. Also my new Dollstown kids, who are larger, decided that they need pretty much one whole wall to themselves! I decided to move all the non-resin dolls out of the closet. I’ll tell you more about their assorted areas in another post.

I had already built some handy shoe cubbies out of foam core, in two sizes, to hold different sizes of shoes for all kinds of dolls. They were easy to make, and are working out quite well!


The My Twinns are now out in the other room, so the old vanity chair they were sitting on has turned into a little dressing room. This is a handy and soft spot for any doll to sit on, while I’m changing clothes, fixing their hair, or whatever. The little dresser (jewelry box) is full of their hair accessories. Purses hang above, and the little wire caddy holds assorted little hair brushes and tools.


Above that, we have a little forest scene. This was almost too easy. I bought an aquarium background that I liked, tucked it into the back of a green milk crate, and added some fake foliage to the sides, in the front. I just wove a few branches in and out of the holes in the crate. I laid some faux moss in the bottom, and added a few tiny flowers here and there. The girls seem quite content with their new surroundings!


I am now finishing work on these two rooms, which I am extremely happy with! They both need some more of their accessories added, plus things to hang on the walls, proper photos for their frames, and some lights. I’ll do a post on each of their rooms, to show you how I did everything. Another room is in the works below them as well, but I haven’t decided exactly how I want to work that one yet. I’ll keep you posted!


Now that the boxes are all properly assembled, and the biggest ones are basically done, the rest of them should be a breeze! I’ll share them all with you, as I go. Whose room are you working on?


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