Building a doll paradise, part 1

You have probably already seen my sewing/crafting/studio space, but I never did show you what’s hiding in the closet! It’s still a work in progress, but it’s already a fun and delightful little room. I don’t need an imaginary “happy place”…I have a real one, right here!  🙂

I really wanted a place where I could display my collection, without them being exposed to too much sun. The walk-in closet off my studio room seemed like the perfect solution! I started off by strategically stacking a bunch of our moving boxes, as they were strong and plentiful! I clipped them together with clothespins, just to see if this would work.


Then I loaded in a bunch of my dolls and their furniture to test it out further, and see if I really had enough space for everyone.


Hmm! Seems pretty durable! At first, I was going to glue the boxes together, but they were staying so well with the clothespins, I just switched them out for binder clips and will leave it like that. This will make it easier to move down the road, or even just rearrange the rooms if I decide to.


Speaking of rearranging, there’s still plenty of that going on, as I decide who will live in each room. I’ve also added the shallow metal shelf, which will provide living space for the tinies, as well as lots of storage. The bottom row of boxes is for more storage, either open or in fabric bins. I will make small drawers and risers for a bit more storage underneath each bin.


The glass dollhouse shelf, which was a gift from dolly friend E, is home to special little pairs of dolls, and a special baby doll on the top shelf that is waiting for me to fetch her little rocking chair out of whichever tub it is in!


Beside all that is where the My Twinn dolls and Journey Girls live, and on the second wall there is more storage with the porch full of fashion dolls on top.


Above that, there is the green cube that I will make into a little forest, with the Calico Critters house on top, a gift from my fabulous sister! The other wall has 2 larger room boxes, topped by rooms belonging to my Hitty-sized dolls, made by me, some of my family, and other talented artists.


A better shot of the rooms. These came with from our last place. They almost fit right in, side by side, but not quite. It was soooo close! It will need a little modification. First, I just wanted all the dolls IN!hitty-doll-room

This box will be Felix’s reptile hatchery! He’s not keeping the blond wig, he was just trying things on. Dolly friend E is sending me something cool for the reptile habitat, wait til you see this!! (It’s in the mail, just be patient!)


This room is waiting for a very special doll that I am making payments on…I can’t wait to show you who will be sitting here! Dolly friend M is keeping this doll safe for me for now.  🙂


That’s a cute Lee Middleton baby in the basket, she likes to sit there and look at all the dollies. I don’t blame her, so do I!  😀


I hope you enjoyed the tour! Next up I will be buying scrapbook papers and such, for wallpapering and decorating all the different rooms. As I finish each area I’ll be sure to show you all the little details.

*edit: Progress! Check out part 2 of the doll closet adventure here!


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