About Me

Well hello! I’m Tes, the doll artist. Let me tell you a little about me & my creations…I make original, one of a kind hand sculpted dolls. Little friends for Hitty and similar sized dolls. I have been highly influenced and encouraged by my Mom, who has been making dolls of one kind or another for as long as I can remember! She is a great source of inspiration to me, and always has been. I am very proud to be following in her footsteps and adding my own special touch to the wonderful world of dolls. They say everyone turns into their parents eventually…if you knew me, my depth perception and my driving skills  (or lack thereof) you would NOT want me driving 18-wheelers like my Dad did! Trust me, it’s much safer for everyone if I take after Mom and make dolls instead!! I love sharing ideas with the family, as my aunt and sister are also involved in different aspects of the doll world. I entered into this with a built-in support group! 🙂


Child Pics

Two common sights from my childhood: On the left, Dad’s truck! I loved going for a bouncy ride in it! On the right, a soft-sculpture stuffed Granny that Mom made probably 30 years ago? That is a normal, human-sized rocking chair, by the way, and a pair of these dolls scared the daylights out of me once when I walked into the living room to find them sitting there unannounced!

My story, briefly:

I have always been on the crafty side of things, and have gone back and forth between graphic design and the food industry several times, working in restaurants, sign shops, photography studios, bakeries, etc.. sometimes working for Mom, since WAY back! The past almost 10 years I have spent as a pastry chef & cake decorator, which I enjoyed as it combined food and design together! (If you’re interested, you can see some of my cake creations here!)
But there is one thing about working in food that will always drive me crazy…weekends and holidays in the food industry only mean one thing: a LOT of extra work! You can’t prepare for it by making extra ahead of time, then it won’t be fresh, and I believe in good, quality foods, so making a whole slew of holiday desserts and then freezing them, for example, is not going to work for me. This is why last Christmas I worked almost 40 hours just in the 3 days before Christmas…with the flu! I came to the conclusion that I don’t need to do that to my body or my brain anymore. I considered opening my own bakery, but that would mean even more of the same, plus the other thing about working with desserts…it’s so messy!! Frosting, melted chocolate, sticky caramel, delicious yet dastardly! I decided to save the fancy desserts just for special occasions now. I also discovered I like to make tiny little cakes and cupcakes for the dolls. Now I am having a great time making all kinds of foods for all kinds of dolls, and the best part…no carbs, no calories…and they never expire! Best desserts ever!!

Chocolate Desserts for Hitty

I love making little goodies for all kinds of dolls. Not only do I make little dolls, but I have over 100 different dolls in my collection, in LOTS of sizes and styles! Some are wood, fabric, ceramic, resin, all different types. I’ll be showing off my collection throughout 2015.


Thanks for visiting, my dolls and I hope to see you again soon!


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