Dolls Model Jack O Lanterns in the new Photo Zone!

A Doll, a jack o lantern, a new studio setup… Dolls of all sizes and styles gather to help model Halloween goodies in the studio’s new photo zone!

Fairyland Doll Jack O Lanterns

There is still a lot to learn, and new proper lightbulbs to buy, but I think the new setup for photos in the studio is a big improvement already. Soon there will be new products coming out on a much more regular basis, so I will need to get this down to a science. It will be nice for you to be able to see all the tiny details in everything, and I’m having fun playing with angles and closeups. I have a few ideas I want to test out as well, some different backgrounds and colors, plus some really cool new props that will be unveiled in the new year! Check out more of the studio’s models at work in their listings in the TinyTes Etsy Store, or visit the TinyTes page on Flickr. You’ll recognize them, they’ll be the dolls with the Jack O Lanterns!

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