New foods, pets, Hitty dolls and more on their way!

After a studio redesign for a more productive workspace, there is a ton of Hitty sized fun on the horizon!

Check out a sneak peek of the new food containers for the Party-in-a-Box sets!

New Polymer Hitty Sized Food Sneak Peek

You may have already seen the pizza and cupcakes, the sets will be available with your choice of pizza, tacos, burgers or sandwiches, plus your choice of cupcake flavor. They come complete with napkins and paper plates. You will also be able to choose between 4 different designs and colors for the plates! All of this will be posted this week, along with a contest to WIN another cake by TES!

Also coming up are some small furry friends…hamsters, guinea pigs and kittens to start with!

Next week I will be starting my debut series of Hitty dolls. Their dresses are finished, and I have enlisted the help of a wonderful and talented lady who is crocheting beautiful apron and bonnet sets for them!

Dresses For Hitty Dolls

Dresses keep nicely in a cedar box until Hitty dolls are ready for them.

After the Hitty dolls, there’s lots more in store for you, starting with another batch of boy dolls by popular demand, then ballerinas! I will be adding a poll soon to see what order you might want to see some other series of dolls, such as: Princes and Princesses, Cowboys and Cowgirls, Clowns, Chefs, Slumber Party kids, and more! Look for Phantom of the Opera and other themed dolls later this year as well!

Enjoy the long weekend!


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