Hitty dolls are very well received! Do you want one?

At long last, I finally finished my first series of Hitty dolls, and I love the way they look!

Polymer Hitty Dolls

They are like my Tiny Tes Dolls, but there are some differences. Their bodies are curvier, with more hips to them, as that is what they insisted upon while I was making them! They don’t have the individual fingers that my other dolls have, as I was trying to stick to the style of the original Hitty. They do have something that my dolls don’t usually have, which is an upper eye line. I really like the look of that and may do it on other dolls in the future, it really defines their eye nicely!

Hitty Doll Eyes   Hitty Doll Boots

They also have some other traditional Hitty doll features, like their knee-high stockings, garters and boots, as well as hand crocheted aprons and bonnets that were made for me, especially for this series of Hittys. Oh, and we mustn’t forget the coral necklace! No Hitty doll would be complete without that!

Three left the studio and headed for their new homes almost as soon as they were finished, and once I posted them on eBay, it didn’t take long for a couple bids to be placed. I think that means I did something right!  😀

There’s still time to get your hands on one of them, click here to check out their auctions. You’ll notice that 10% of my profits will automatically go to a charity. I believe dolls can help people, so I’ve chosen a few doll related charities I would like to support. Right now, my auctions are helping Operation Hug-a-Hero. Click through and check it out, I think it’s a pretty brilliant idea! I’ve also been talking with Molly’s Babies, hopefully she will be in the eBay Giving Works program soon too. I’ll tell you more about that and other doll charities in another post, and also stay tuned to hear about my plans for Tiny Tes Doll #50!  🙂

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