How to make a custom wig to fit your BJD or any doll

Are you looking for an easy way to make the perfect wig for your doll? I’ll show you how to make a pattern that fits your doll exactly. It’s easy to do, and no special tools are needed!

perfect fit wig bjd diy

Here’s what you need:

Your bald doll
Plastic wrap
Felt tip marker (I use 2 different colors)
Sharp scissors
Your wig material – fake fur or mohair
Thread that matches fur
Sewing needle



Take a large piece of plastic wrap, fold it in half, then in half again, so you have a nice sized piece that is 4 layers thick. Lay this over your doll’s head. Tape all the way around your doll’s head, as shown above. Add a piece of tape across the top of the head, from ear to ear, for a bit of stability.

Use the marker to draw on the tape and plastic, drawing the hairline you want your doll to have. (Be careful not to draw on your doll!!) Take the “cap” off your doll, and cut along the hairline you drew. Put it back on the doll and check the fit.


Use more tape to adjust the fit. You can snip into the edges if you need to loosen or tighten the cap in spots, then use tape to perfect it. Keep tweaking and taping until it fits the way you want it to.

Draw on the pattern lines so you have a center stripe and two side pieces, then draw a line across the center stripe at the crown of the head. If you need to adjust the hairline, use a different colored marker so you can easily tell which is the final line.

Mark all your pieces, noting which is left & right, front & back. Also mark on each piece, where the front and back of each piece is. Make dots to align where all the pieces meet together – Where the 2 center pieces meet at the crown, where the sides meet the center pieces at the front, and where they meet the center at the back.


Remove the cap from the doll, and cut out all the pieces.

Line up your pattern pieces on your fur, making sure the fur lies in the right direction. It should lie down from the top of the head on the side pieces, and down from the center/crown line on both center pieces.

Trace the pieces onto the back of your fur. Don’t worry about making each pattern piece perfectly flat, just hold it down firmly onto the fur backing and trace around. It will be fine, I swear!

Add a seam allowance, and copy all your marks and dots onto the fur backing. Add the seam allowance where you will be sewing the pieces together, and also along the front, and on the side pieces from ear to front. (I do not add one along the lower sides, or back, as the hair will cover the raw edge there. If you plan to pull your doll’s hair up in an updo style, you may want to hem this line as well.)


Cut out pieces carefully along outer line. Use sharp scissors to snip through the backing only. Make sure not to cut the fur itself. Some people prefer to use an x-acto knife for this step. Do whatever is most comfortable for you. (I like small sharp scissors like these: Fiskars 4 Inch Detail Scissors ~affiliate link)

Take your two center pieces, smoothing the fur down and away from the center seam. Pin or hold them, fur sides together, and use small stitches to sew along the center/crown line, as shown.

Then line up one side piece, fur sides together, making sure to line up your back and front dots with your center piece. Sew along your seam line, checking and easing to fit as you go. Make sure your fur is always smoothed away from the seam. I prefer to just hold the pieces together, but you can pin or clip them if you like.


Sew the other side on, in the same way. Turn your wig right side out and try it on your doll. If it is too loose, go back and tighten up your seams.


Turn the wig inside out again, and turn the hem along the front, from ear to ear. Carefully sew this down, making sure to use small stitches, and just catch the backing, not the fur, in your stitches.

Turn your wig right side out again. I like to use a silicone wig cap on my dolls, to keep the wig from slipping. (Wig caps are not expensive, I use this kind: BJD Head Silicone Wig Cap ~affiliate link)

Put the finished wig on your doll, style it as you desire, and enjoy your doll’s new look! Felix is thrilled with his new hair! I hope your dolls will be happy with theirs too!

Let me know in the comments, how it worked for you, or if I left out anything important!

Today’s doll model is Felix Skoliari, a Fairyland MiniFee Shiwoo, from

For this wig, I used fake fur like this: Faux / Fake Fur Mongolian DARK CAMEL Fabric by the Yard ~affiliate link
I love the length of it, and the color matched his eyebrows perfectly!

You can also use mohair, keeping in mind that it needs to be still attached to the hide such as this kind: Tibetan/ Mongolian Lamb Fur Long Fur Pelt Blonde ~affiliate link
That listing is for the whole pelt. If you’re planning to make a lot of wigs, you are able to have different lengths and textures when you buy the whole piece like this. You can get smaller pieces on Etsy, or at some craft stores. Just look around for the colors you want!



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  1. Wonderful tutorial! I will try this as soon as my doll arrives in May. Will send a photo. Thank you…

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