Introducing TinyTES Electro-Bots!

These are a mischievous and highly intelligent bunch. If you choose to adopt any of these, please be careful, as they have been known to do “helpful” things like upgrading your toaster into a rocket launcher…you have been warned!bot-group

The bigger bots are about 6″ tall, and the little ones are all a bit under 4″. Click here to read more about how I make them!


They have lots of interesting little details, and each one has a special little blue glass bead that contains their essence. They call it their electro-heart. It also grounds them and keeps them from getting zapped while they tinker with your toaster.

They’re for sale right now in the TinyTES shop! Adopt one today!

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About Tes

I am a doll sculptor and artist. I love to make dolls and little things for them, food, furniture, clothing...and share all of this with other doll lovers too! I love my growing resin family of BJDs, as well as my collection of other dolls, and a select few special little stuffed plushies too. Connect with me on Google+

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