What kind of bots are these?

I started out with a steampunk sort of theme in my head, and I thought I had saved a bunch of old tiny watch parts I was planning to use for this series. Did I find them while sorting out my studio? Of course not! But I did find a handful of nifty diodes and gadgetry…

robot dolls work in progress

So, I’m really not sure WHAT the theme of this series is, but they sure have been fun to make so far! Alas, you will just have to wait a little longer for them, as I leave for a trip home in a few hours. I’ll be finishing them when I get back, maybe that will give me enough time to figure out what to call them!

robot doll parts

I don’t feel that these are the Steam-Bots I had in mind, so…Tech-bots? Something else-Bots? What do you think?

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