Introducing TinyTES Electro-Bots!


These are a mischievous and highly intelligent bunch. If you choose to adopt any of these, please be careful, as they have been known to do “helpful” things like upgrading your toaster into a rocket launcher…you have been warned!

What kind of bots are these?


I started out with a steampunk sort of theme in my head, and I thought I had saved a bunch of old tiny watch parts I was planning to use for this series. Did I find them while sorting out … Continue reading

Where did you get that chair?


That, and other questions from my last post! I have gotten lots of questions about some items in my studio room, so I thought I’d share a few things. I will be doing another post with lots of details from the studio, so keep … Continue reading

Step inside the new studio!


It’s been a long and busy hiatus, but guess who’s back?! (Hint: It’s the person typing this…) TES! Oh, you guessed that? Well you are just darn clever aren’t you! 😀