Dolls & Creatures

All of my polymer clay dolls and assorted characters and critters are hand sculpted without the use of molds. They are truly one of a kind creations.

Polymer Doll Hitty Friend   Poly Dolls Waiting For Clothes

TinyTes robots   polymer dolls with cake

Polymer Becassine Dolls for Sale   pink polymer clay robots

Pets For Dolls   Polymer Clay Bird

The technical stuff:

They are made of solid Living Doll polymer clay by Sculpey, and all of the colored parts (faces, hair, socks and shoes) are made of Premo polymer clay by Sculpey. I do not use any molds at all, each doll and critter is individual and unique.

No paint is used. I use different colors of poly clay and powdered pigment that is then baked on. Gloss is applied to the shiny parts – eyes, lips, shoe buckles, hair clips, etc. My signature, along with each doll’s individual number, is engraved on their backside.

Engraved Doll Back

They have poseable arms and legs, strung with strong doubled elastic cord at the hips and shoulders. Their legs are jointed with a V-shape, although I am currently experimenting with T-jointed legs and a slightly different body shape, and arms and legs all move independently of each other. I use a bead jointing system that makes for a very tidy look. Their clothing is also hand made by me, using patterns of my own design. Each doll comes to you dressed and carefully wrapped, with her certificate of authenticity.

My dolls are created in my tiny yet wonderful home studio with no smoking or pets. If you have any questions or special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter so I can let you know when a new batch of dolls or some cute accessories are available!