Step inside the new studio!

It’s been a long and busy hiatus, but guess who’s back?! (Hint: It’s the person typing this…) TES! Oh, you guessed that? Well you are just darn clever aren’t you! 😀

As many of you know, in the midst of getting my studio room put together in North Carolina, we decided to move to Florida! So we packed it all up, and off we went. Since moving, we’ve been on a couple road trips, I took my annual trip to Vegas for the big Star Trek convention, and we’ve been enjoying getting to know our new area, the local farmers markets, and of course, regular trips to Walt Disney World, which is pretty much in our backyard! While all of that is well and good, it was time to get back to doll business! This week, I finished arranging the new studio! Living up to its name, it is both tiny, and eclectic. The entire room is 11’7″ x 12’5″, and the studio space gets about half of that! The other half is split again, so I have a little office space, and my little home gym area. I like to fit a lot of stuff into a little space! Here’s a little mock-up of the floor plan, so you can see what I mean!

craft room floor plan

You may be wondering “What is that Brainstorm Corner there?” Well, that’s almost finished, and I’ll show it to you another day! 😀
Meanwhile, here’s my work table and all my supplies, and a shot from the other end, where you can see the shelves that divide the room (with the thread racks on top). Kinda cute hey? There will be some sprucing up later, like a table skirt, and some other colorful plans I have…mostly just stuff for looks. 🙂

craft room work tablecraft room shelves

So there you have it! The all new Tiny Eclectic Studio! To celebrate, I’m starting a new batch of dolls…TODAY! Watch for sneak peeks on my Facebook page…

Signing off, from my new little office. Hope you enjoyed this tiny tour!

**UPDATE: Lots of people have asked where I got that chair, as well as a few other things in the room, so if you’re curious, check out my follow-up post with links to several items you see in the room. Later on, we’ll explore the room more thoroughly!  😀

craft room office



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